We aren’t just in the healthcare or insurance business, no, we are in the freedom business, the independence business, the you business.

Disease, injury, age, sickness, and the normal wear and tear from everyday life can create obstacles and set limitations in our lives. We are here to help you overcome the roadblocks that hold you back physically, by supplying quality durable medical equipment and a highly trained staff, to find the solution that will help you recover Independence.

Our roots started in insurance billing and have expanded even further to fuel our retail store. Our purpose, passion, and focus is on you, to provide the products you need to live your life how you want to.

See what Others have Said

  • "I am very impressed with the professional approach... the personality of the staff and incredible customer service. The quality is superb and the people are even better."

    - Marilyn T
  • "...The professionalism and knowledge of the staff was benficial in making the right decision on which knee brace to choose. Thanks guys."

    - Joel D
  • "My wife had a serious hip break. IOC has been able to supply equipment, advice and superior service in the rehabilitation period. Just a great place to do business."

    - Jordan