About Us


We aren’t just in the healthcare or insurance business, no, we are in the freedom business, the independence business, the you business.

Disease, injury, age, sickness, and the normal wear and tear from everyday life can create obstacles and set limitations in our lives. We are here to help you overcome the roadblocks that hold you back physically, by supplying quality durable medical equipment and a highly trained staff, to find the solution that will help you recover Independence.

Our History:

IOC Home Medical stands for the Independence, Opportunity, and carefree lifestyle that we hope our products will help bring into your life. Our story began in 1997 as a small bracing company and has grown into the number 1 medical equipment store in Utah County. We have a vast variety of medical equipment ranging from toe spacers to lift chairs. One of our many goals is to make sure every customer feels heard.

Mark McGuire


Mark founded IOC Home Medical in 1997. He has an orthopedic background specializing in custom bracing and mobility. He has several recognitions and certifications in bracing, casting, first aid, and foot solutions. He is a father to 4 children, and grandfather to 10 (who he loves to spoil). He is an avid hiker, climber, and skier.

Abby Reynolds

Medical Equipment Specialist

Abby has worked in the medical field for about a year. She is currently studying forensic science at Utah Valley University. She specializes in postoperative orthopedic care including CPM machines, ice therapy, and orthopedic braces. She enjoys spending her time playing tennis, snowboarding, and bookbinding.

Caroline Allen

Patient Care Specialist

Caroline has worked in the healthcare field for two years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness, and is planning on becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant in the future. She specializes in braces and orthopedics. Growing up, she spent her time doing gymnastics, which led to her joining the BYU Dunk Team. She lives in Provo with her husband.

Tiffany Gneiting

Patient Care Specialist

Tiffany has a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Growing up, she spent most of her time at the health club that her parents owned. Because of this, she developed a love for all kinds of sports; namely soccer, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. She lives in Lehi with her husband and six children.

Jessica Keil

Medical Billing Specialist

Jessica has been in the medical billing industry for four years. Having dealt firsthand with the mobility issues of her disabled son, she understands the importance of and has a passion for mobility and the independence that it can offer. In her free time she loves to create–whether it be woodworking, sewing, painting, drawing, or taking pictures. She lives in Vineyard with her husband and three children.