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There are many different types of hinged knee braces. The first step in choosing the right knee brace for you is identifying where the issue lies. Your knee issues can stem from an ACL/PCL tear, the patella, your knee ligaments or joints, etc. The best bet for distinguishing your issue amongst all the others would be to consult an orthopedic doctor. These doctors specialize in the field and will be able to run tests to better diagnose you better than google.

The knee brace that we will focus on in this article is the basic hinged knee brace. The knee brace pictured above is an Ossur rebound knee brace, but there are many different options. Other companies that supply similar braces are Donjoy, Breg, CTI, etc. These braces will help to stabilize your knee in the case of a mild to moderate ACL/PCL tear, and ligament instabilities. It will also aid in sprains and strains. A brace will not fix the problem but will provide temporary support while your injury heals.

One thing to look for in these braces is a cool, breathable fabric, such as the one pictured above. This brace also offers the option to add stopper plates to decrease one’s range of motion. The way this works is by opening the hinge and inserting the plate. This plate allows control over the degree the knee bends or extends. For example, you could insert a plate to stop the knee from bending past 50 degrees. The straps above and below the hinges of the brace help in stabilizing the ligaments. In fact, if the brace has two straps above and below the brace then it is categorized as a ligament brace.

When a knee brace has been prescribed, it is recommended that the brace is worn during any physical activity. This includes but is not limited to running, sports, or going on a walk. The brace will help to stabilize and prevent any further damage. The brace is not necessary when sleeping or lounging around.

Hopefully this post has helped to answer any questions you might have about a hinged knee brace. Like stated above, a brace is not a fix all, but it does help in prevention. The best way to care for your knees is to start now. Be sure to always to stretch, allow your knees rest time between high intensity workouts, start slow when exercising, and help your knees to avoid any unneeded tension. Find a way today to care for your knees! You will thank yourself later.

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