Lympha Press is designed to keep therapy moving forward with at-home compression therapy products to help patients manage their conditions like lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, or lipedema.

IOC Home medical supplies all the pumps and garments Lympha Press has to offer. Because Lympha Press is a medical device you will need to have a doctors order to bill it to your medical insurance. We also offer a retail price if your insurance will not cover it.

IOC Home Medical also offer in-home delivery of you can come to our office in Orem to have your set up. After the initial set up, we are here for you and your doctors to answer any questions.

If you are diagnosed with

  • Edema – Lympha Press® pneumatic compression can help manage swelling
  • Lymphedema – unfortunately there is no cure but your Lympha Press® pump will help manage
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency – Lympha Press® encourages would healing at the base
  • Chronic Wounds – Lympha Press® can prevent reoccurring wounds
  • Lipedema – Lympha Press® pneumatic compression can help manage effectively