CEP Ankle Compression Sleeve



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The CEP Ankle Sleeve offers elite level support for minor ankle injuries, and ankle pain without the bulkiness of other products. It has a perfect stay-put fit for superior wearing comfort and features targeted medi compression to significantly reduce swelling, stabilize your ankle and provide relief from pain and discomfort. The 3D design of the CEP Ankle Sleeve ensures a perfect fit around the foot so it can be worn effectively in shoes and under socks. The open toe design prevents toes from being crunched, and makes it easier to get on. The soft top cuff adds comfort for long days of use.

  • Targeted compression stabilizes the ankle joint while improving circulation to help reduce the risk of injury
  • 3D Anatomical design eliminates pinching, while the open toe design makes it easy to apply and wear under any performance sock
  • Hardly visible thanks to a low-profile anatomical design that molds to your foot creating the perfect fit for all day wearing comfort, in any shoe


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