Cubital Comfort Brace



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The Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace #3847 provides effective night or day treatment to relieve pain, as well as, numbness and tingling caused by Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.  The cubital tunnel brace is lightweight and easy to adjust.  It features two malleable aluminum stays inside that maintain the elbow in a comfortable 20 degree angle of bend.  The Hely Weber Cubital Comfort Brace is very patient friendly and is stamped at both ends with a face and a hands symbol to quickly help patients locate the top and bottom ends of the product for easier fitting.  The cubital tunnel brace features two stockinette cuffs to help secure the brace in the correct position, and prevent brace migration while sleeping.  The Cubital Comfort Brace is ideally suited for treating the symptoms associated with irritation of the cubital tunnel and comes in both a short, as well as, a long length to fit every individual.