Medi Day Gel



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Medi Day Gel is packed with beneficial ingredients which promotes healthy skin and provides fresh, cooling comfort all day long

Specially formulated for daytime use prior to donning of compression garments, Medi Day Gel contains ingredients that the skin needs to help reduce tension and sensitivity associated with compressive pressures. Simply apply Medi Day Gel to and gently massage into the skin prior to donning your compression garment for gentle, cooling comfort that lasts all day long. Use in combination with Medi Night Creme for effective 24 hour skin care. The cool, soothing comfort contained in Medi Day Gel is provided by Menthol and Witch Hazel, while it’s Horse Chestnut seed extract has been used for centuries as a treatment for venous insufficiency by helping provide firmer vessel walls. Color and fragrance free and no greasy or sticky residue.