Spinomed IV Spine Brace



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The patented Spinomed IV and Spinomed IV A/P are the only evidence based, as proven in a randomized peer reviewed and published medical study, spinal orthoses to increase core muscle strength, reduce kyphosis, decrease pain, increase vital capacity and improve daily life for patients suffering for the symptoms of osteoporosis impacting the spine.

The Spinomed IV utilizes a unique aluminum posterior panel that is cold formable by a technician to match the patient’s spinal curves and can be adjusted as the patient condition improves.
The Spinomed IV A/P adds an additional full width posterior panel that is made from highly formable and flexible polyethylene. The additional posterior panel and the added anterior panel on the A/P version provide enhanced comfort for challenging applications.
Special features such as the shoulder loop stays provide easy application while the anatomically tailored lower pelvic strap that is shaped to better match the hip area helps to prevent migration. These newest models also include a lightweight form fitting customizable garment tailored to provide the lowest profile fit enhancing patient compliance and ensuring excellent outcomes.


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