Type 2 Neutral Support Orthodics



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If You Don’t Have High ArchFlat Foot, or You’re Not Sure, the Type 2 Neutral Orthotic is for Best Overall Performance.

The Arches™ Orthotics Type 2 for the neutral foot provides cradling support, comfort and stability. Pressure is dissipated evenly through the foot for comfort, injury prevention, and sensitive performance.

Place a pair of orthotics in each pair of shoes for maximum benefit.

Each pair of orthotics is designed with 5 layers.

  1. Shock Absorbing Gel Pads: works for additional shock absorption and comfort
  2. Form Correcting Molded Cork: allows for shock absorption, maintains the alignment, and maintains the correction of the orthotic
  3. Heel Stabilizing Padded Foam: stabilizes the heel, providing comfort and support
  4. Comfort Layer of EVA Foam: allows for persistent shock absorption and comfort of the wearer
  5. Stay Dry B.K. Mesh: works to control perspiration, odor control, and transitional cushioning